sábado, 19 de fevereiro de 2011

Autumn leaves

Some moths are different. They do their best to resemble anything else but a tasty, nutritious meal and while some conceal themselves in crevices or lay their wings tightly to the substrate, others want to be leaves. Because withered, ragged leaves aren't usually a great meal this strategy emerged as quite a successful one and a lot of species practice it.
One interesting group are the Thorn moths, in family Geometridae, genera Ennomos and Selenia, which unlike the majority of moths also lay their wings butterfly like, i. e., vertical to the substrate and thus have quite nice patterns on the undersides.
Enjoy some of these marvels from the woodland!

Ennomos alniaria

Ennomos fuscantaria

Selenia dentaria

Selenia lunularia

And finally, a completely unrelated moth which adopted a similar strategy, albeit it takes it another level by curling up its own wings.

Phlogophora meticulosa

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