quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2008

"They're there in their swarming multitudes. Millions upon millions of tiny creatures which we rarely observe and even more rarely consider. In large part we ignore them. Most are too small to be seen unaided and those large enough to be visible usually find ways to hide or deceive us."
David Attemborough - Life in the Undergrowth

Euphydryas aurinia
Caterpillars are gregarious and form masses like this before speading to pupate, alone and then transform into butterflies.
Trichiura castiliana.
Moths are often misunderstood and ignored by many. However, not very different from loved butterflies they come in a variety of forms and habits, shapes and patterns.

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Ivo Rodrigues disse...

Sauda�es alentejanas !!!

Amigo, ser� sempre com grande curiosidade que virei aqui conhecer algo mais da natureza ......

Bem vindo e ....

Haja sa�de !!!